Tenant of the Month for June 2023

Tenant of the Month for June 2023

A big congrats to Youngkook Maeng’s family for being named our Tenant of the Month for June. Originally from South Korea, Youngkook’s family has demonstrated an extraordinary level of care and devotion towards their home. We love that they create a harmonious environment for the rental house that emphasizes love, care and beautiful living spaces. Youngkook’s family is always polite, and communication between us is always smooth. They have shown consistent dedication towards maintaining the home’s aesthetics, cleanliness, and overall well-being. Their attention to detail and proactive approach in promptly addressing any maintenance issues are truly commendable. We are grateful to have them as our valued tenants.

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Kelly Ke

Kelly comes from a family of builders. Her years of experience in the real estate industry have played a key role in her successful property management career. Her reliable, mature, competent, and efficient manageme... More

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