Echo Zhou

I have a great passion for taking on challenging tasks and connecting with people. My four-year experience in project planning and implementation, particularly in investment promotion for government projects in China, has provided me with valuable expertise. Additionally, I’ve gained insights into the local economy from running a business in New Zealand for several years.

I would describe myself as easy-going, persistent, and good-natured. My inner drive motivates me to keep moving forward, and I believe in making a positive impact in the world, guided by the principle of “Always be kind.”

In my current role as a Business Development Manager at Climber Property, I take pride in confidently representing our company to others and successfully closing sales. The positive working environment at Climber Property gives me a strong sense of belonging.

Cendy Suseno

Though it has its advantages, being a property investor is not as simple as it may seem. I am an experienced property manager who can assist landlords in making sound decisions in managing their investment properties. Together with our team at Climber Property, we strive to become a key partner for landlords in managing and growing their property investment portfolio.

Holly Shan

I hold a Master’s degree in History and have gained experience in various fields in both China and New Zealand, including journalism, script editing, program distribution and teaching.

My background as a journalist has instilled in me an enduring willingness to face challenges and continuously learn. Currently, I am working in Business Support, handling tasks such as managing rent arrears, water bills and Chinese copywriting. I enjoy working here not only because it allows me to expand my knowledge and skills, but also because I am fortunate to have wonderful colleagues who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Winnie Wang

I hold a Bachelor of Accountancy from Massey University, and I have worked as an Assistant Accountant for over 2 years. Describing myself, I would say I am honest, diligent, and reliable.

During my leisure time, I have a passion for nurturing various types of plants, especially succulents. I also enjoy boxing and baking.

Working at Climber Property, I enjoy utilising my skills to solve problems and figure out new procedures, as well as the friendly working environment.

Elsa Sun

With marketing qualifications from both China and New Zealand, I am proud to have received scholarships and Top Achiever awards throughout my educational journey. One thing I take pride in is contributing my marketing strategies and proactive client management skills to over 30 New Zealand brands, supporting their growth and development in my previous agency role. At Climber Property, I truly appreciate the people-first approach that underpins our work and I am excited to utilise my expertise to fully establish and grow the brand.

Charles Yonardy

I’m a Chinese Indonesian from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I hold double degrees – a Bachelor of Economics in Business Administration and Management from Universitas Sam Ratulangi. During my studies I was selected to spend my final year in New Zealand earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Management from the University of Canterbury.

One aspect of my career that I take pride in is maintaining good relationships with people. I strive to treat everyone fairly, and fostering positive connections brings me a sense of accomplishment.

Working at Climber Property, I get enjoyment from the strong teamwork and mutual support among my colleagues. Our leadership team is both helpful and understanding, fostering a beneficial work environment. What keeps me going is the appreciation people show for my work and my constant willingness to assist others.

Nick Clark

With a background in real estate sales from my parents, I find the property management industry refreshing as it allows me to meet so many different people. For the past 9 years, I have been working in property management; I have qualified with a Level 4 Certificate in Property Management.

One thing that I am proud of in my career, no matter how small, is the ability to help people achieve their goals, whether clients, tenants, or contractors. At Climber Property, I enjoy being part of a supportive and collaborative team, fostering synergy across different departments. Plus, the daily offering of chocolates and sweets is delightful.

Nicole Waugh

I am fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and the Hakka dialect. I have a college degree in English obtained in China and completed a course in Interpretation and Global Culture at the University of Wellington. This course provided me with valuable insights into both the legal system and property management.

Working at Climber Property, I am a property manager and the close-knit team in Hamilton fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment, striking a balance between office work and property management. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous role as a letting specialist, which allowed me to visit different properties and meet new people.

Chloe Qin

With a background in Computer Graphic Design, I get immense joy from the opportunity to craft the Climber Property brand from the ground up. This creative freedom allows me to infuse my projects with innovative ideas, making each endeavour a unique expression of my skills and passion.

Growing up in a coastal city in China, I’ve cultivated a profound love for the sea and a vibrant coastal culture. This fuels my curiosity to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature.

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem.” serves as a constant reminder of my limitless potential and inner strength. It fuels my courage, determination and resilience in overcoming challenges and embracing growth.

Allen Xu

My educational background comprises a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Management from Otago Polytechnic and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Massey University.

I take pride assisting tenants in finding their ideal homes rather than mere houses. Treating their needs and requests as if they were my own brings me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when I receive positive feedback and trust from them.

One aspect that I thoroughly enjoy about working at Climber Property is the collaborative team environment. The spirit of teamwork is reinforced through our engaging group activities, which contribute to a strong sense of camaraderie within the team.