Elsa Sun

With more than seven-year experience in marketing, social media, content creation and project management in both New Zealand and China, Elsa has an in-depth understanding of the local market and a variety of industries. Elsa is a reliable and driven person with a growth mindset. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. Apart from work, her passion is travelling, hiking and sampling local foodie delights.

Chloe Mosen

Chloe’s background in hospitality, sales and marketing has given her the communication skills to relate to all personality types.
Her down-to-earth and common sense approach to work ethics has made her where she is today.
Being a 3 years house investor and property manager she has a deep understanding and care of your premises.

Charles Yonardy

Charles has graduated from the University of Canterbury with a major in Management. With his previous experience in hospitality for over 8 years, Charles’ has great customer service skills, highly organized, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail. Upon meeting, you will realise he is a natural people person with a professional manner which enable him to provide outstanding customer service to our clients.

Steven Li

Steven is an experienced property maintenance technician and building sites manager, plus prior to working in power tools and building supplies sales positions. He is reliable, hard-working, responsible and dedicated. Steven is fluent in English and Mandarin, which helps him build the bridge between our customers and tradies, and get the property maintenance tasks done effectively and properly.

Nick Clark

Nick leads our team of talented property managers. He has been in the industry for over eight years and brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company.
He is a great communicator and problem solver and works hard to meet the needs of landlords, tenants and colleagues.
Being a property investor himself Nick understands the level of care that is needed to manage your property successfully.
Outside of work Nick is passionate about health and wellbeing as well as playing the guitar and golf.

Irish Mae Radin

With previous experience in property management, Irish’s realization that her passion is in Real Estate led her decision to join the Climber Property Team. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Management at Otago Polytechnic and is fluent in English and Filipino which enables her to reach out and provide outstanding customer service to the public. Her accommodating personality, resilience and highly organized form of management are her pillars in order to provide an exceptional “Climber” experience.

Nicole Waugh

Nicole Waugh has been living in Hamilton for 10 years. Her experience in a variety of industries has given her a strong sense of time-management skills, attention to detail, and multitasking abilities. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and the Hakka dialect, which enables her to communicate with a wider community. Nicole is a reliable, hardworking and caring person. Besides work, she enjoys baking and gardening, and she has a beautiful vegetable garden that provides her family with fresh greens all year round.

Sasha Xiao

Sasha has been part of Climber Property team for over a year. Her enthusiasm and approachability is always infectious to all those around her.

Sasha excels at finding the right tenants and renting out properties quickly, as well as dealing with disputes through her excellent communication skills and expertise. We are all confident that Sasha will take on her new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

Elena He

Elena graduated from Massey University with a double major in Finance and Property Valuation and Management. She has been with us for six years now and during this period Elena mastered the process, methods, and techniques of dispute resolutions.

Elena has recently completed her NZ Residential Property Management Level 4 Qualification and is a NZQA certified meth tester. A skill she has not had to use much thankfully!

Kiko Shen

Kiko is working as an Accounts Manager in our company, she brings strong knowledge from her previous role in the auditing sector. Kiko has a Bachelor of Business degree in accounting and international business from Massey University.

Outside of the office, Kiko loves spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys playing guitar and doing handicrafts.