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Tenants of the month for April

A professional young group Amy Strang with her flatmate lived in my rental property for over 5 years.

This is a big house with 7 people living in Remuera, Amy is the original tenant, she has been very careful to take care of the house. During this period, some flatmates move in / out, she is like a team leader in handling and managing these flatmates’ problems very well.

When there are maintenances to the house, she will help to work together and coordinate with other flatmates to minimize the possibility of damage.

She decorated her room very elegantly, warmly and kept the room as tidy as always.

She is very proactive in establishing a good relationship and communication with the property manager.

Excellent tenant! We are lucky to have Amy Strang and she deserved the award as the best tenant of the month.

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Tenants of the month for March

The tenants who live in Allen St are Annabelle and Tyson and their friend.

Annabelle and Tyson are in their early twenty, if you walk in the property, you will be amazed. The decoration looks so elegant, and everything is on the place where they meant to be. They made the property as their own and put lots of effort to create a stunning environment. After the landlord read the first routine inspection report, he said that the tenants bring him a such surprise as he was not even expecting they can look after his property in a decent way, but turns out they have done an excellent job. I must agree with the owner as it is barely to tell it is the same house now.

We are lucky to have Annabelle and Tyson and they are deserved the reward as the best tenants in the month.

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Pre-Winter Checklist

We’ve had some really wild weather recently and with this in mind we’d love it if you could help us out and get your property ready for winter! We’ve come up with a pre-winter checklist so have a read and tick some off before it gets any colder. If you have any questions or notice anything you would like to flag with us get in touch – we’re here to help!


Firstly, take a walk around the property

Can you see any of the following?

  • Blocked gutters
  • Dead branches and trees, especially around driveways
  • Does any general garden maintenance need to be actioned?
  • Cracks in driveways, on decks and pathways that could worsen over the winter
  • If there is a pool or water feature, ensure it is covered and free of leaves and debris

Heat pump and extractor fan – use and maintenance

With the Healthy Homes standards coming into effect we now have much dryer, warmer homes. But some of these items do take some maintenance, especially when they’re about to get a lot of use!

  • Some tips to make the most of your heat pump – leave it on! If you’re in for the day the most effective (and cost effective) way of using your heat pump is to set it to a comfortable temperature, make sure doors and windows are closed and leave it going. It will turn on and off as needed to maintain the temperature you have set rather than you turning it on and off throughout the day and it constantly trying to get back up to the set temperature. If your home is feeling a little damp most heat pumps also have a dehumidifying setting you can utilise as well!
  • If you are having any issues with your heat pump please let your property manager know as it may need a service. We do also ask that tenants regularly clean out the filters as well. See how here.
  • Have a look at the outdoor unit too – make sure there isn’t any plant growth or debris blocking proper air flow (this could also be a fire hazard). If this isn’t manageable to clear by yourself then again, please let us know.
  • Range hoods and extractor fans. Please make use of these, particularly in your bathroom. They are a great preventative of mould and damp in your home.

 Mould and mildew

  • Unfortunately this can be a part of Auckland living especially in the colder months and staying on top of cleaning it is key. A common spot is your bathroom ceiling but mould and mildew can occur on drywall, carpets, fabric, leather, wool or paper. This can be harmful to your health so wiping it away with a mix of 70% vinegar/30% water can really help here and it is important to stay on top of.

And finally – windows!

  • We know condensation on windows is a real problem for a lot of homes. There are a few things you can do a manage it:
  1. Not drying clothes indoors.
  2. Putting lids on pans when cooking.
  3. Using extractor fans when cooking or showering.
  4. Keeping your showers short.
  5. Cover fish tanks.
  6. Choosing household plants that don’t require a lot of water – for example, yuccas, succulents and dracaenas.
  • Take a look at your windows as well – they can be draughty as wooden windows do expand and contract with the changing weather which can cause cracks and draughts to form. Let us know if you spot any.

So let’s stay toasty this winter! Any questions? Get in touch on your property manager.

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Tenants of the month for February

Christheo and Rozaan’s family have lived on our property for over three years. They built up a great relationship with the landlord and our property manager during that time. They have shown us how they love the house and keep their mind and treat the property as their own house.


In past years, Christheo and Rozaan have been able to help the owner and property manager look after the house. They can always let Sam know if there have any problems with the property. Significantly during stormy weather in summer, there was an unexpected leak on the roof. They reported it to us and did what they could to protect the house from further damage, and even that was during the late-night time.


They are a lovely family who always let us feel their love for home. We are honored to have them as tenants and friends.

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Tenants of the Month for January 2022

Samantha originally moved into the property on 1 September 2021, due to lockdown and postponed settlement of the landlord, and their tenancy commencement date changed to Oct. It was unluckily! During that time, Samantha and her family were very patient and cooperative. They are easy to communicate with and keep updated with each other. After confirming the start date, she can’t wait to move to her new “Home”.

After settling down, we arranged the first routine inspection as scheduled, which also followed the insurance requirement. Samantha being great! The property was kept in good condition, everything in neat condition, you can’t imagine it was the house you rented to her. She is a magician! She decorated the home warmly and stylishly.

She always paid the rent on time and communicated well. That’s all landlords want. How can you lose this kind of good tenant? Thank you, Samantha, for being a great tenant and treating the investment property very well for the owners.

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Tenants of the Month for December 2021

We are excited to announce our Tenants of the Month, December 2021 – Gavin and Colleen!

Gavin and Colleen initially saw the advertisement for the property when they were in South Africa and got in touch online. With their enthusiastic approach to our modern way of renting properties we completed a virtual viewing, processed their application and had an agreement sent out and signed in no time! And all of this while being over a thousand miles apart. Sometimes you do need to think about the good things to come out of working from home in these hard times – and the tech and innovation has to be one of them.  

After moving into their new home they got proactive; with happy approval from the owner they repainted, re-carpeted the garage and spent some time in the garden with incredible results. We couldn’t believe it when we saw the results at our routine inspection! Colleen has unique experience in furniture renovations so every corner of this house is bright, clean and atmospheric.

On top of all of this they have been incredibly friendly throughout – we knew how lucky we were when we received their amazing gifts and Christmas cards. So a big thanks to Gavin and Colleen – our Tenants of the Month for December 2021.


An introduction to Tapi

As part of our continued commitment to innovation at Climber Property we are excited to announce our new maintenance software provider – TAPI.

Tapi allows us to manage maintenance more efficiently; it’s super easy to use and as a tenant you have more visibility and control of the process. You will be able to log maintenance issues online 24/7 and be updated on the progress of the works.

You can load a job through Tapi’s Facebook chat bot or via the Tapi Website. Once a job is created updates come directly to your inbox. You can check in on the job any time by clicking the link in the confirmation email to view the work order. You can easily send messages to your property manager about the work by clicking the Reply button to respond to the notification email.

We’re making your home a better place to live by keeping maintenance simple.


Try your remote inspection now!

Remote inspections are a fantastic innovation that has come from navigating the difficult lockdown restrictions. Being able to conduct routine inspections virtually means we can safe-guard your property and keep lines of communication with our tenants open in situations where property managers are unwell, on leave or if the tenant themselves are unwell.

The process of carrying out a remote inspection is very simple thanks to the technology behind it but it is still important to educate and prepare the tenants so that is as easy and simple for the tenants as we know it to be. We can encourage our tenants with a short, instructional video, and be available to guide them so they have a clear understanding on what is required.

We have incredible technology available in property management industry and this is a great example of that – we can’t wait for you to see it!


Not worried about the smoke alarms?

Now is the time to be a proactive, fire safe tenant – this will save lives. We want to keep you safe but we do need your help here as well!

It is essential to check each alarm. We are required to have smoke alarms installed within three meters of every bedroom and on each floor of a home – and we’ll make sure of that but we want to bring you up to speed on your part here as well.

So – there are two types of smoke alarms; the modern Cavius alarm that does not require batteries and the older style, battery powered alarm.

Here is an example of a Cavius alarm:

And here is a battery powered alarm:

If battery powered make sure your alarm has battery by pushing the test button on the alarm to here the beep which means it is still working. If they aren’t beeping, replace the battery (this is a tenant responsibility) and check the expiry date.

If you have a Cavius alarm then simply push the bottom of the alarm to hear the beep meaning it is still working.

So hear are a few things we need from you:

  • Please do not damage, remove, or disconnect a smoke alarm
  • Replace dead batteries during the tenancy if they are the battery powered smoke alarms. If this does not work or you see it has expired please get in touch with your property manager as soon as possible.
  • If a Cavius alarm is not beeping when you test it please get in touch with your property manager as soon as possible as well.
  • If you have any issues or are unsure about your alarms get in touch – we are here to help!

To get further information from Fire Emergency New Zealand: