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Climber Property shake up Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards

A huge congratulations to our dedicated team members Grace Hu, Lawson Sun and Allen Xu ranked number one on three separate Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards last week.

  • Grace Hu ranked #1 in the Healthy Homes of Master Class module 1
  • Lawson Sun ranked #1 in the Privacy Principles of Master Class module 5
  • Allen Xu ranked #1 in the Pool Safety of Master Class module 6

Our team always raise our goals and expectations and persistently climbs upwards.

So proud of our team for our efforts in our climbing journey. We are Climbers!


An awesome project we manage in New Lynn

We love to share a success story and our management of the Rainbow House in New Lynn is definitely one of those! Marquesa and her teammates at the New Lynn office worked their magic in the middle of lockdown to rent out the Rainbow House – seven terraced houses on one of Auckland’s busiest roads.

Marquesa was approached by the owner of the property to rent out the Rainbow House and quickly provided a specialised and detailed rental plan for the homes and was selected to manage them.

The properties were put on the market and despite a lockdown being announced soon after they were advertised Marquesa managed to gain 86% occupancy via a bold marketing approach, virtual 3D tours, and face-timing prospective tenants from the homes. Once Auckland shifted to Alert Level 3 Marquesa followed the government regulations and arranged private, contactless, house viewings and moved tenants in while following the strict guidelines. Thanks to the owner’s cooperation and the teammates’ support they managed to hit that high occupancy rate within two months.

Marquesa’s story goes to show that with the right attitude and the right strategy you can secure tenants (and a landlord’s profits and peace of mind) in any circumstance!

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Six brand new units were rented in one month

We took on managing six brand-new townhouses in Mount Wellington – and rented all of them in a month!

So how did we do it?

Firstly we know the value in our marketing package and having potential tenants excited to move into the property before even walking in the door. Firstly we had professional photos taken – when browsing on TradeMe what people see even on just the thumbnail image is vital and you need to be sure to stand out. We offer free ‘Super Feature’ advertising to our landlords when listing on TradeMe  (meaning bolder advertising and sitting at the top of the listings amongst other things) – this brings in around 39% more enquiries. On top of all of these in this case, with so many units to rent, we added onsite rental signboards to drum up as much interest as possible.

The next step is getting people through the door as efficiently and effectively as possible. Climber Property is in partnership with Viewing Tracker, a software that manages enquiry and viewings for listed properties and with this we can monitor enquiries, send bulk communications, notify large groups of interested parties of viewing times – all at the click of the button!

To handle applications we use TPS – a fantastic way of collating the information we need to process an application. Having the best tech cannot be underestimated. Our team knows the importance of working fast to get a property across the line and these tools are integral to that.

And at the heart of all of these is our strong and capable team – the quality of our service starts and ends with them. Going above and beyond is never an issue and that goes for all of the team at Climber Property – from our property managers to our accounts team. Moving people into homes and getting a property ready to let is made of many moving parts but luckily at Climber Property we are a well oiled letting machine and that shows in moments like this.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to our landlord Rose to trust us with her amazing properties – trust is a valuable thing and we are stoked to say we earned it.