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Tenants of the month for December

A big congrats to our December Tenant of the Month Aisha Tuhua! Aisha and her family have been living at their current house in Glen Eden since the end of 2021 and we love that they keep the house in excellent condition.

Easy to deal with, Aisha always maintains good communication with our property manager and is super respectful and kind natured. We’d like to thanks Aisha and her family for being such great tenants. Congratulations for being our Tenant of the Month for December!

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Tenants of the month for November

Congrats! Our November Tenant of the Month is Chongkai Li and Huapeng Zhi! Li’s family are always kind and polite and communication between us is always easy. And of course they are great at paying rent on time.

We love that they treat the rental house as their own and keep the property in excellent condition, both inside and out. They make the routine inspections a pleasure with their warm welcome. We would like to congratulate them on being our Tenant of the Month for November!

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Tenants of the month for October

We are so delighted to announce George’s family as a Tenant of the Month in October. George was struggling for a long time to find the best house to suit his family. After an extensive search of our portfolio, we found a great home with space for his kids to enjoy and where they have lived happily for nearly two years.

We want to acknowledge George this month for being such a great tenant thanks to his friendly nature and great communication skills which make our relationship more like a friendship. We wish George’s family ongoing happiness in their home.
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Tenants of the month for September

Congratulations to Jill Edgar and Benjamin Garner for being our Tenant of the Month for September. Originally from the UK, Jill and Ben have been living at the property in west Auckland for three and a half years. They tick all the boxes of what makes a great tenant – immaculate inspections and great to deal with.

Ben and Jill are super easy to communicate with and we love their positive attitude towards renting. They always present the property to immaculate standards and they have truly made their house a home here in NZ.

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Tenants of the month for August

We’re proud to feature Toni Barker as a Tenant of the Month in August. Toni and her family are excellent tenants and we’re thrilled to have them as part of our community. Certainly, Toni’s family started the tenancy with us in 2019 and they always keep the house cleanest and tidiest (we would like to rate it a 6 star!).

Whether you happen to be looking for a great place to live (like Toni and her family) or want to know more about our services, feel free to reach out at any time!

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Tenants of the month for July

Kalolo and her kids, who lived in the four-bedroom house at Mt Albert.

She is an optimistic mom and has faith that a positive outcome is just around the corner, and there’s no challenge in life too big for her love and strength.

We really appreciate having this kind of tenant. She keeps the house clean and tidy. Also, she takes care of the garden very well. We can’t wait to see the flowers and fruit in the coming spring.

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Tenants of the month for June

Jaimie and her Whānau, who lived in the three bedroom house at Hamilton East. Every time during the routine inspection, we are so lucky to have ‘ginger’ and ‘grey’ the two little cats expecting us, leading us so proudly showing their playspace – the well maintained backyard vega garden.

This lovely young lady takes great pride in keeping her rental property in immaculate condition, her property manager Elena and the property owner are always so impressed. On top of that, she’s an absolute pleasure to deal with!

Keep up the great work, Jaimie, we hope you enjoy a few extra treats in your shopping on us!

Jaimie is pictured here with Elena, who nominated her!

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Tenants of the month for May


Zenani and Harry are a lovely couple who lived in the 2 bedroom unit at Hobsonville. Zenani was fully pregnant when they moved in last year and  baby boy has his own room now!

Their minimalist lifestyle makes this unit not only tidy, clean and also they declared its cozy space to call it home. You can’t imagine how they managed to set it up during the lockdown especially when they were having to look after newborns as well.

As the landlord we fully trust them to look after this property as they always communicate with us with issues that they are not clear about. Also allow us reasonable time for us to investigate further which benefits both tenants and landlord. 

They are easy to deal with and coordinate for routine inspections or maintenance requirements.

Overall, they are very well matured tenants despite the fact they are a young couple who know what to do and how to effectively communicate and resolve issues proactively with the landlord. 

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Climber Property shake up Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards

A huge congratulations to our dedicated team members Grace Hu, Lawson Sun and Allen Xu ranked number one on three separate Master Class Top 20 Leaderboards last week.

  • Grace Hu ranked #1 in the Healthy Homes of Master Class module 1
  • Lawson Sun ranked #1 in the Privacy Principles of Master Class module 5
  • Allen Xu ranked #1 in the Pool Safety of Master Class module 6

Our team always raise our goals and expectations and persistently climbs upwards.

So proud of our team for our efforts in our climbing journey. We are Climbers!

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Tenants of the month for April

A professional young group Amy Strang with her flatmate lived in my rental property for over 5 years.

This is a big house with 7 people living in Remuera, Amy is the original tenant, she has been very careful to take care of the house. During this period, some flatmates move in / out, she is like a team leader in handling and managing these flatmates’ problems very well.

When there are maintenances to the house, she will help to work together and coordinate with other flatmates to minimize the possibility of damage.

She decorated her room very elegantly, warmly and kept the room as tidy as always.

She is very proactive in establishing a good relationship and communication with the property manager.

Excellent tenant! We are lucky to have Amy Strang and she deserved the award as the best tenant of the month.