So what is Climber Property all about?

For us, climbing is not just a slogan. A peak is only truly meaningful to those who climb it not to those who look up at it - this is only way to reach our goals and why we are always pushing for the top of the peak.

Who we are

As an organisation, Climber Property was founded with the best people at its centre, people with heart, vision and a desire to be more than just admin assistants to its clients.

Climber Property is built on the foundations of family, trust, longevity and inclusion. We are dynamic, we do things differently.

"Climbing together.We are committed to delivering better."

Climber team

Our Core Values

Climber Property has worked hard to become an established, independent organisation - all with the help of our fantastic team, wonderful clients and our exciting vision for the future.
So, what drives us?

Climber Spirit

Our team mandate is clear: we strive to make our clients' lives slightly better than the day before.


Trust is built over years, and can be destroyed in a moment. We don't expect our clients to trust us blindly - we work on proving our integrity every day.

We succeed
when our staff succeed

Climber Property is made up of a team of highly educated and experienced professionals with local industry expertise. Each of the team has a unique skill set – and the spirit to climb without fear.

You’ll Love Working With Us

We are always on the lookout for great people to join our team. So, if you're looking for a change and would like to bring your passion for people and property to the next level just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

A supportive & collaborative work environment

No-one at Climber property is on their own. Our team is always bouncing ideas off each other and collaborative problem solving is our bread and butter. You'll never feel burnt out or alone in the Climber Family.

A dedicated leadership & advisory team

From our CEO, to the industry advisors and trainers we have on hand you'll have a wealth of knowledge and experience to learn from, grow from and there is always a new area of expertise to grow into. The Climber team is a place to evolve, not just to work.

Perks of the job

We love shiny things! Our offices are new, our cars are modern, our tech is innovative and we know how to take care of our people. The advantage about being a Property Management only business is that the work you do is paramount. This isn't a side-business for us and you're treated as such.

Our Spaces